iBiza History

by iBiza Joe

As far as we know people have been living on the island for about 3000 years. In 654 BC it was discovered by the Carthaginians who founded iBiza town making it one of the earliest town in Europe.

The Carthaginians were merchants and they used iBiza as a trading hub. It had a large harbor and they built strong city walls. The mainly traded salt made in salt pans in Salinas. You can still see them today and the process of making salt by evaporation largely remains unchanged.

iBiza was also used by the Carthaginians as a burial ground. There are few wild animals on the island to bother the corpses and it's thought this is the reason iBiza was chosen.

The Romans took the island by force in 123 BC. The bridge the Romans built can be seen in Santa Eulalia crossing the river bed at the entrance to the town.

After the Romans, between the 5th and 9th centuries A.D. Ibiza was invaded and conquered by the Vandals, the Barbarians and the Byzantines.

Then the Arabs arrived and stamped there culture on the island. You can still see there influence in the architecture, traditional costumes and the local language Ibicenco.

The Catalans conquered the island on the 8th of August 1235. They tore down the mosque and built a Cathedral. The islanders were forced to convert to Christianity and the church building began. Most of our island churches were built around the 18th Century.

The island is now only really invaded by the British who on a Saturday night in San Antonio do more damage to the reputation of the island than the Vandals ever did.

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