Enhance Your Garden’s Appearance With Decorative Solar Lighting

by Rhia Taylor

Today there are numerous different styles of decorative solar lighting one can choose from to help enhance the look of your garden. Even if you do not have a garden just a terrace or a balcony this form of outside solar lighting can help to bring it to life for you.

In this article we look at some of the various different styles of decorative solar lighting for in the garden which one can use to enhance and improve its overall look.

1. Terracotta Solar Sphere Lantern - This is the perfect way for adding ambient lighting to an entertaining area outside. Can either be placed on table tops or around the edges of your decking or patio. The lantern is sphere shaped and has cutouts in the side to allow more light to flood out and produced silhouetted lighting effects.

2. The Firefly Solar Light - A stainless steel stake on top of which sits a hand blown beautiful cracked glass globe which you can then place anywhere in your garden. At night the lights after charging during the day emit a pale glow and are often used to form decorative lighting to planted areas of the garden. But can also be used as a way of allowing people to see obstacles in the garden as well.

These forms of decorative solar lighting provide the area where placed with a warm subtle glow to it. These are ideally used in areas of the garden which generally look drab and dull to add more color to them.

3. Floating Solar Light - These come in a variety of different colors and will float on the surface of your pool, pond or other water feature. During the day as it floats around on the water it will collect energy from the sun and then at night they turn themselves on providing a muted glow to the water as they float around. Not only are they east and fast to install but cost nothing to actually operate them.

4. Rock Shaped Solar Lighting - This type of lighting using solar energy can be placed anywhere within your garden. A lot of people will use these as a way of providing light for a path that is in theirs. Whilst others will use it to highlight steps leading up to a paved or decked area in theirs. Some people just use this form of decorative solar lighting as a way to add accent to certain plants in their gardens.

5. The Stepping Stone - Another great decorative solar light for the garden that you can purchase either from a reputable garden supplies store or online. These lights are great for marking out pathways to show people where to go as they meander around your garden at night, making it a much safer place for everybody to enjoy. Around the light is a solar panel which collects energy during the day from the sun and then releases the energy to power the light within once night begins to fall.

All the decorative solar lighting that is mentioned in this article is very easy to install and to get running. One of the big advantages to having this form of outside lighting in your garden is that it costs nothing to run once the batteries inside have been charged. The vast majority of decorative solar lighting you can buy today now comes with an automatic on and off sensor so you do not have to worry if you forget about them. Most of these lights once they have collected enough energy into their batteries are able to provide light for between 8 and 10 hours and they do not need any other kind of external power source to do so.

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