Classic Open Face Helmet – Ride In Class

by John Daniele

"Never leave home without it" as the bikers always say when it comes to helmets. No other protective headgear is as popular to motorcyclists as the reliable helmet whether it is a full face, a classic open face helmet, a half helmet, or even an open face retro DOT helmet. A helmet lives for one major purpose: motorcycle safety in terms of protecting the biker's head in case of an accident. In addition, the helmet also provides ear protection, eye and nose protection, and even proper ventilation and protection from the elements.

Why use a helmet in the first place? A motorcycle helmet reduces, if not entirely prevents, injuries during accidents. Fatal accidents can be avoided if motorcyclists are amply protected especially in the head/face area as impacts or injuries to the skull may translate to injuries to the brain that can be deadly. Even a classic open face helmet, in contrast to the full-face helmet, can provide ample protection and can spell the difference between life and death in a crash. For the reminiscent rider, an open face retro DOT helmet conforming to safety standards yet retro-stylish enough to reflect the good times of years past gives the best of both worlds. Snell or DOT standards considered a classic open face helmet and any other helmet for that matter will definitely be better for the biker.

A classic open face helmet provides complete protection to the biker as it covers the skull's base and back. It may appear that its protection capacity is limited when compared to full-face helmet, as it does not cover the chin and armor. As regards with the open face helmet it does not offer proper protection from the wind, insects, dust, and other stray foreign objects even if it is with a face shield or visor. Some wise riders complement the classic open face helmet with goggles or sunglasses or nose and mouth guards.

Some riders are partial to the classic open face helmet over the other types available because of the feeling of freedom associated with it. The rider is protected, but not bound by the constricting feeling of the full-face helmet or the feelings of inadequacy that might be produced by the shorty. In an accident, a shorty can easily shift or come undone, but a shorty is still better than no helmet at all! Described as comfortable and airy the open face helmet can be securely fastened to guarantee protection. An open face retro DOT helmet is even capable of getting the job done, notwithstanding the retro colors and styles, as long as the DOT standard is adhered to.

Riding down the open road with the wind draping the body's every curve on a sports motorcycle or a cruiser is part of the reward motorcyclists seek when they hop onto their bikes. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Without the feel of the wind on the face, some say the feeling of riding a motorcycle disappears. Those who share that opinion, opt for the classic open face helmet and they don't lose the rush of the wind on their face. After all, riding motorcycles as they say, should be an exhilarating and free-flowing experience!

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