Be A Successful Bass Fly Fisherman!

by William Scott

When most people think of fly fishing, trout fishing immediately comes to mind. However, bass fishing is also becoming a very popular form of fly fishing in the USA. It is a very flexible form of fly fishing as it is possible to fish for both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. When attempting to fly fish for bass it is imperative that you know the basics of fly fishing, whether you are fly fishing for sport, sheer enjoyment, or for a delicious meal.

Why Should You Choose To Fly Fish For Bass?

Many people who enjoy fly fishing are not aware that you can fly fish for bass. In some instances, they do not know the ins and outs of bass fishing, or do not own the appropriate fishing equipment or a large enough boat. This should not deter any avid fisherman! Fly fishing for bass can be a very rewarding experience!

Bass are, in fact, excellent fish to catch with a fly fishing rod. They will always present an adventurous angler with a challenge as they are large, feisty, aggressive fish that will fight to the last.

Why Should You Use A Fly Rod To Catch Bass?

Although it may seem so, it is not such a strange thing to fly fish for bass. In fact, there are many different types of fish that can be caught with a fly rod, including trout (the most popular type), pike, carp, and small- and largemouth bass.

The first thing to ensure when preparing to fly fish for bass is that you have a good, strong fly rod that will be able to reel in a bass of any size. Bass are extremely strong, aggressive fish so a lightweight fly rod will not be sufficient. The advantage of using a fly rod to catch bass is that it is much easier to hook the fish. Bass are generally quite a ravenous species of fish that are always eager to latch on to bait, so the fly rod and lure will do most of the attracting for you.

What Kind Of Fly And Rod Should You Use When Fly Fishing For Bass?

When investing in supplies for a fly fishing excursion, be sure to buy Wooly Buggers flies. These flies are ideal for bass fishing as they are quite large in size, whether it be for largemouth bass or smallmouth bass. It is generally accepted that the larger the fly you use, the better your catch will be. Also keep in mind that it is recommended to use a dry fly when fly fishing for bass.

It is best to use a 6 to 7 weight fly rod when going bass fly fishing. It is, however, also possible to use a 4 to 5 weight fly rod but this makes it a bit more difficult to cast out the larger flies that are suggested for successful bass fishing. With regard to the type of line used for bass fly fishing, ensure that you have a rod that uses both sinking and floating line (depending on the circumstances). Aside from all these recommendations, it is of utmost importance to find a rod that suits your personal preferences and needs. Your rod must feel comfortable in your hands - not too heavy, nor too light. Once you have purchased a suitable, comfortable fly fishing rod, you are good to go! You are sure to enjoy the experience thoroughly!

Fly fishing for bass has become very popular in the USA. Whether you are fishing for sport or for food, using a fly fishing rod to catch bass can be a lot of fun.

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