Ways In Which Outside Solar Lighting Can Be Used

by Rhia Taylor

Today there are several different ways in which outside solar lighting can be used to full effect. However, the only thing that can stop you from fully utilizing this equipment is your imagination. In this article we provide some ideas of ways in which outside solar lighting can be used to help enhance your garden.

Idea 1 - Spread some solar spotlights or decorative solar lighting around the garden in order to provide highlighting or make people focus on a particular item within your garden. Use these lights to show off a particular tree, plant or statute for example in the garden that would otherwise simply fade in to the background.

Idea 2 - Using shadowing can really enhance certain features within your garden. You need to situate the outside solar lighting very low down to the ground and in a position below the item that it is you wish to make a feature of at night in your garden. Ideally use either solar floodlights or spotlights below the object in order to enhance it further. If you can before you install the lights mount them on a post or stick so that when it comes to placing them in the ground you will find it much easier.

Idea 3 - Another idea is to mount the solar lighting as high up as you possibly can and then aim it down to shine directly on to the object or tree. By doing this when it lights up a tree it will then cause a dappled effect and make the area feel much softer especially good for soften angular lines within a garden.

Idea 4 - Rather than having the lighting directed on to the object from above instead why not let the light from decorative outside lighting to shine upwards. This will enable you to highlight a particular plant or area of the garden that is located at a much higher level.

One of the big advantages to having outdoor solar lighting is that you are not restricted as to where you should place it as the ideas we have provided above show. Because there are no wires you can in fact position the lights just about anywhere you want within the garden. What you do need to make sure however is that the panels on top which collect the light from the sun and which get stored in the batteries do get enough light on them each day for this to occur.

Once you have chosen the locations where the outside solar lighting is to be placed and have installed it you now need to leave them turned off for about a week (five to seven days should be more than sufficient). Doing this will allow the batteries a chance to become fully charged and after this they can then be used as many times as you like.

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