Safe Travel Guide : Preparation Tips For An Enjoyable Vacation

by JW Raymond

There is nothing worse than having problems occur when you are on vacation, especially in a foreign land where many things are unfamiliar. Travel can be expensive enough as it is without expensive mistakes which could be avoided, resulting in a dislike for your chosen location and its people. Some people are affected so badly they will not leave the resort they are staying in which is not the way to spend a vacation. Your common sense is still the most trusted method of traveling safely so whether you are just walking down a street or dining out, if you feel a situation does not feel right then act accordingly.

People often neglect to trust their instincts in a situation which can lead them into unnecessary trouble. Always be careful about traveling with all your documents and money if you are just going to town to see the sights or have a meal. Just take what you need for the time you will be away and place anything that is valuable in the hotel safe. A handy tip is to place a small amount of money in a number of locations like bags or pockets then if you happen to lose a bag, visa card or money, you will still have something there to keep you going until it can be resolved.

As an added measure when using travel safely methods, carry credit cards from different accounts; should one be lost or stolen there is a second to fall back on. One simple trick to stop a bag thief is to place the strap over the head and across the chest as opposed to on the shoulder where it is easy to grab. Try to be aware of where you are when you stroll around and don't make an easy target for the snatch thieves on the back of bikes. From a criminal's point of view, large groups of tourists are just treated as easy targets and because they do this sort of thing all the time, they are extremely good at it.

The problem is we all think we're smarter than the scammers, robbers and pick pockets but the sad reality is that these people do it for a living and it's how many of them feed themselves and their families. One way to help reduce the chances of things being stolen is by using a back pack with a padlock, this makes it more difficult to get into and therefore acts as a deterrent. To prevent keys being lost or stolen try attaching them to a climber's D-shackle that you can place on your belt or pack of some sort, this should help stop anyone trying to snatch them quickly from you. Both men and women lose their wallets and purses because men have wallets in their back pockets and women have their open handbags; so the easiest thing is for men to change the place they keep their wallet and for women to make sure their handbag is closed properly.

The majority of problems could be avoided if people didn't let their guard down, which is common on vacation; if you can remember to travel safely, it won't halt your enjoyment but could stop many untoward events from happening.

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