Options of Land, Sea and Air: Auto Shipping

by Hispanic

Auto shipping is the transportation of cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles from one location to another. This is an industry that has grown through the years.

This can be done by land and by sea. It can even be done by air for the more wealthy vehicle-owner. When done by land, the smaller vehicle is placed inside a large truck and transported over the open road. Depending on the shipping company that you choose, and the distance of the transport, the time that it takes for one auto shipment varies. For some companies, it can take anywhere between five and ten days. Weather is also another time factor.

Big freight ships are used for sea transport. If your vehicle is small enough, it can fit inside a specialized enclosed container. This is the case for cars, motorcycles, smaller boats and other small vehicles. The speed of this approach also varies even moreso because the sea is affected much more by the weather. Even a slight change in current could delay a delivery. But, of course, the good companies study the routes and the weather very well to ensure the quickest journey possible.

Air shipment is the most costly of all types. However, it is much faster and reliable to ship vehicles this way. If you've got some extra money, it is advisable to choose air shipment.

The standard operating procedure in all these approaches is to give a down payment before the shipping. The rest of your payment is made once the services is completed.

Be careful though because some people might swindle you in services like these. Do some research and look around at different shipping companies to make the most out of your money. In addition, make sure you have the proper legal documentation for each transaction.

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