Four Steps to Choosing the Right Bareboat Charter

by Alan Mills

1/ Sail boat or Cruiser Try this quick quiz to help you discover if you are more receptive to sailing or motor cruising

Do I prefer adventure or comfort?

Do I look forward to the journey or the destination?

Backpacking is OK or I need a bit of privacy?

Great a bush camp or where's the motel

If your all about the first alternative you would be OK on a sail boat. If the second alternative is more you, go got the motor cruiser. If your a bit of both it may swing on how long you intend to be on the charter but I would lean toward the motor cruiser.

2/What will the make up of the crew The crew is another big concern. Family, and close friends that you have lived with in previous constricted environments and still walked out friends are a safe choice. No mater what vessel you charter none are as big as your home and they get smaller on bad weather days if you get a few, especially the sail boats.

3/ What Type of Vessel

The biggest you can afford

The most recently built you can pay for

The finest that you can spend the money on

Manufactured to fulfill the needs of the skipper yourself hirer ie plenty of water and refrigeration

Hire a Skipper or Go it Alone If your not that confident in taking charge of the ship you can usually hire a skipper even if it is only for a day. It will add to the cost. My experience as been that the vast majority are fine on a motor cruiser but some experience is needed to sail. In fact most charter companies require some evidence of someone on board having at least completed a pre-sail course. Pick someone in your party who has the following traits

Not be vision impaired

Be alert to their position and those of the vessels around them

Be sober while in control of the vessel

Be tolerant of other boater and not in a rush

There are many places in the world you can charter a vessel, from the Greek Islands in Europe to the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, which is my favorite. My personal preference is a motor cruiser I love sailing but I find a day of it will usually "do" me and for that I would rather take a day trip with a professional on a maxi yacht or similar. See you on the water

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