Fantastic Views of the Countryside can be seen from Hiking Trails

by Susan Wilby

When embarking out on hiking trails make sure you bring extra food and water, appropriate clothing, first aid kit, and safety equipment. Bring insect repellent or netting to ward off persistent pests. Because water sources are not reliable in dry weather, you should bring at least one day's supply of water. A cool head in a stressful situation can usually prevent things from turning from bad to worse.

Bring extra pairs of socks that you can change into if your feet get wet or sweaty - if they aren't made of cotton, they'll keep your feet drier. Once you're on the trail, stop as soon as you feel a "hot spot" on your feet and apply special type of bandage called "moleskin" to the sore area.

On remote trails, mountain bikers are requested to use caution, watch for all types of wildlife, as even mountain lions are sometimes seen. Stay standing and if you fall down try to get back on your feet. Avoid riding after rainfall when the trails are muddy so as to reduce trail erosion.

Canada has a long history of trails. From the first footpaths of the original natives to today's Trans Canada Trail, trails have played a part in our lives, first for commerce and transportation, now for recreation and adventure. Canada's hiking trails are the envy of the world.

Hiking trails that lead to a rocky bluff are often rewarded with fantastic views of mature forests, sparkling spring-fed rivers and rolling countryside. Each season offers a changing landscape and new wonders to explore, whether it's the chattering of birds and new growth in the spring, the rustle of leaves swirling to the ground in autumn or the crisp air of the quiet woods after a fresh snow.

Percy Priest provides a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for millions of visitors each year. Volunteers are trained to assist Forest staff in patrolling Forest trails. Volunteers are needed April through October to ensure day use park entrance gates are opened in the morning and secured at night.

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