Do You Need Bifocal Sunglasses?

by Peter John Walter

There are many different makes and models of sunglasses available, but if you need prescription sunglasses then you need to ensure they are prescription based.

Unless you have had problems with your eyes in the sunlight (extreme tiredness or headaches) you may not even be aware of any vision problems. That is why it is important to find out if you need bifocal sunglasses.

Bifocals: How do they work?

Bifocal sunglasses are prescription sunglasses for those who need vision correction for the outdoors. Bifocal sunglasses are different from single vision lenses, as they have two corrective lenses on each side of the glasses.

There are actually serveral different types of bifocal sunglasses available. Only a licensed optician will be able to tell you which would be best for you. Bifocal Sunglasses are designed to make all outdoor activities easier, not just reading. This includes computer use, writing and anything that uses the close range focus, including newspapers and signs.

Bifocals Sunglasses contain an actual line across the middle of the lens, which separates the two focal parts. Your Optician will work with you to decide which shape should be used for the near vision focal segment. A half-moon or circular shape is commonly used.

Organizing your Glasses and Frames

If you have been told you do need bifocal lenses and are interested in getting bifocal sunglasses, you will need to decide on a pair of frames. All the major brands like Nike, Prada etc make many different styles of frames. Just because you have to where glasses does not mean that you need geeky black rims. How much you are going to spend with based which brand you choose.

There are a few things that you should consider when looking for a pair of bifocal sunglasses:

1. Weight - You need to pick them up and check the weight of the glasses. You will want a heavier item, which show's the use of glass, rather than plastic. Some plastic models are very well designed however bend and scratch easily.

2. Nose shape - In trying on the frames, look at the sharp of your nose and how it fits in the frames. You want a comfortable fit, as you will be wearing them a lot and in public.

3. Brand and Design - it's important to choose something they you like to make sure you enjoy wearing them. This will encourage you keep wearing them, which is important for those new to having glasses.

Bifocal sunglasses can allow you to be able to see clearly and, at the same time, still enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Take you time choose them as you will be wearing in public and you want to make sure they make you look great.

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