Childrens Playhouses for the Garden

by Spencer Wilkins

Timber playhouses as any child knows offers them the chance to allow their imagination to run riot as they play either by themselves or with their friends. When it comes to parents selecting the right kind of playhouse for their child they will soon discover that they have plenty of options open to them. So actually finding one that meets their child's own particular needs will not be that difficult.

Actually purchasing such an item is extremely easy a visit to your local garden centre or DIY store and they will have a number of different designs that you can select from. Also if you find that you do not have the time then a quick search of the internet will provide you with some ideas as well. A lot of the playhouses that are currently available come in prefabricated kit form and can easily be installed by you as they come with a good set of instructions as well.

Although a readymade ready to assemble playhouse is good a custom made one offers you much more scope on the actual design and layout of it. Yes these kinds of playhouses do cost more but the workmanship that goes into them means that they are sturdy and strong and will cope with whatever your children choose to put them through.

When it comes to buying a playhouse for your garden for your children there are certain factors which need to be taken into consideration. In this article we take a look at just what some of these are and which should help you in selecting the right playhouse.

The first that you need to decide upon before anything else is where you are going to locate it in your garden. Once you know which position it will be in then you can choose the size and design that you want. Ideally place the playhouse in a position within the garden that the children can easily have access to it, but also somewhere that you also have unfettered views. Plus you should place it in a location within the garden that throughout the day natural sunlight is on it.

Once you have chosen the location for the playhouse the next decision you need to make is what size it is going to be. It is important to note that any building that is over 100 sq ft that is to be installed at your home may well require building permits before it can be erected. Therefore it is crucial that you check with your local authority what the position is in regards to the playhouse that you wish to install.

It is important that the playhouse you choose is one that as your child grows up it can actually grow with them. Yes prefabricated ones are cheap and quick to install, but unlike custom built ones may well need to be replaced at a later date as your child grows older.

Along with choosing the location and size of playhouse that you need the next stage is to decide what style it is you want. This is probably one of the most important considerations that you as a parent will need to take when selecting timber playhouses for children. It therefore may be a good idea to actually let your children have some input into this particular part of the selection process.

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