Used Cars – Deals That Save Money

by Pete Roberts

Used cars are a great way to save money. If your looking to save thousands of dollars a used vehicle makes sense and should not be overlooked. It is a good idea to research a particular model or year to make sure you get a reliable automobile.

Many people when searching for used cars check their local used car dealer lots. Used car dealers often have the vehicle at a high book value but the vehicle has often been through a safety check and tuneup and this may include a complete detail. If you are buying from a reputable dealer chances are you are buying a quality used car.

If you purchase a car from a private party you could find a nice deal that is below book value. knowing the value of your vehicle model and make and condition often puts you in a stronger position to negotiate the lowest price and this way you avoid a scam.

Finding a used car at a fair price is great but you can often negotiate a cheaper price by offer 25% below asking price. Sellers often will come down in price but if they are already at a low book price or have a desirable hard to find vehicle at a high resale value they may not lower the price at all but by pointing out a few defects such as paint or class chips or worn items such as dash carpet and upholstery they drop the price some.

If you shop for a used car loan or personal loan always get several quotes before you make a purchase. Check you local banks and your insurance agent to see if there are any special deals available on loans. By shopping loans you could save hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars over the term of the loan. know you loan options because less reputable dealers may take advantage of people who have failed to do their homework on shopping for loans. In some instances a reputable dealer can save you money by offering a better loan deal than the loan quotes you have already received.

Often people looking for used cars start by searching the local classifieds online or used dealer car lots. Don't ignore the best deals often found at online car auctions or locally at public car auctions. Most car auctions require payment and to take delivery same day and many dealers will be competing because the deals are truly that good.

Knowing the vehicles your interested you should give your insurance agent to get a quote. Some cars carry higher premiums and this could up the overall operating cost of your used car significantly especially if your a young or at risk driver. Always consider researching all costs involved with a used car before making the final purchase or signing a contract.

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