Palm Beach Attractions

by Hispanic

If you're looking for some fun and adventure somewhere in Florida, then Palm Beach is the place to be. There are many attractions in this famous tourist destination. Aside from its sandy shores and boardwalks, you will also be treated to a wide array of parks, restaurants golf courses, and museums. Here are just some of the must-see spots in Palm Beach, Florida.

John Prince Park Campground: Located at 4759 Congress Avenue, Lake Worth, this location leads you to the popular Lake Osborne. Should you wish to go camping with a generous supply of electricity and water, then this is your place as every tent site has its own hook-ups. If you need to pee or take a bath, there are many showers and restrooms available. John Prince Campground also offers many other recreational amenities too.

Carlin Park: Located at 400 South State Road A1A, Jupiter, this tourist spot is famous for its highly-advanced oceanfront. Many features have been introduced in recent years including a special event amphitheater, volleyball area, bocce court, athletic fields, two-station exercise courses, tennis courts, playgrounds, and rocky beach. Swimming is safe too especially for kids since there are lifeguards in almost every corner.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center: Located at 1801 North Ocean Boulevard, Boca Raton is famous for its diverse coastal marine life. You will now believe your very eyes as there are modernized seawater tanks, local flora, and fauna. You can take up naturalist-oriented tours or take a tour by your lonesome and experience the coastal marine life's many surprises.

John Prince Park Campground: (Located at 4759 Congress Avenue, Lake Worth) If you want to go to Lake Osborne, then you will have to pass thru this campground. Experience camping with a twist as you can use electricity and water by hooking up on the available tent sites. There are also showers and restrooms accessible to everyone. There are many other recreational activities that you can do their with either your family or friends. To experience the place fully, it is recommended that you plan ahead and book your trip to avoid the hassles of traveling especially during the summer season.

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