Looking Stylish In Your Wellies For the Glastonbury Festival

by Sara McCann

We all dream of sunny weather to bless us at this years festivals but as we all know, especially with the Glastonbury Festival, rain always seems to turn up. So, it's best to be prepared if you want a special look this year, whatever the weather. Of course, there are those who will always decide that flip flops are a more suitable footwear choice than the good old welly for the festivals. But you can bet your life that they'll be the ones standing in that long queue to buy some emergency wellies, when their feet start to suffer in the mud and wet, or they end up with a broken ankle because somebody stepped on them.

So, do you head off to the Glastonbury Festival all glamorous and sexy praying that some hunk of a musician spots you in the audience and jets you away to his playboy mansion or do you dress down for the event? My thoughts, (if you want to be comfortable, and not ruin your designer gear in a mud bath) to stick with the more sensible items of attire. Don't worry, practical doesn't always have to be boring, and it's almost certain that after 24 hours jumping around to the music that everyone will look the same anyway, bedraggled, wet and dirty!

My thoughts are the key to festival fashion would be to stay loose. Always have an emergency outfit that you keep dry and clean, which will come in useful for your travel back home. Pack some warm clothes like jumpers and things too as it always gets cold at night, and for the day time, look at packing sarongs, shorts and vest tops. Not forgetting to drop that factor 15 in your bag of course.

Practical footwear is of course essential, and you will be kicking yourself, if you opt for stiletto's or sandals. A decent pair of boots is fine and might just manage to survive the mud of Glastonbury Festival but for real comfort and style it has to be wellies that are number one. Worry not, welly boots can be stylish..i promise.

Wearing wellies on your feet at the Glastonbury Festival this year will allow you to enjoy the buzz you honestly went there for in the first place, instead of having to look out for boggy ground. Of course, not to long ago, when welly boots were not the coolest footwear to be seen in, but all that is changing and fast, and now, you can give it some proper welly at the festivals this year. You will want to wish for rain when you see the choice of funky wellies on offer today.

Every spectrum of colour, shape, design and size of welly is available for the Glastonbury festival fan to find that is cool and suits their charcter. There are cheap wellies, which are great for those on a budget, but be well advised that a lot of them don't do the job they're meant for, and will let in the cold and muddy water quicker than your flip flops. Then there are the slightly dearer kind, which usually have a neoprene lining to give you that extra support, cushioning and warmth and are made from natural rubber, that allow your feet to breathe.

Wellies are becoming really fashionable with the likes of Kate Moss, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, showing off in theirs. So, do yourself a favour and take time out to look at what there is on offer for your welly boot fashion. The boring green farmer/fisherman style will probably get you laughed off the field, so it's well worth investing a little time to get the look you're after in funky wellies. By investing in a good pair and spending a little and looking after them correctly will keep you warm for a good few years of Glastonbury style..happy days.

A great trend in wellies that was instigated at the Glastonbury festival 2007 is the personalised welly boots. Dame Shirley Bassey wowed the media and crowds with her diamant pair of wellies last year and these are now the latest fashion trend for Glastonbury 2008. With the option to design them with whatever words you choose, i think the fields of Glastonbury this year will not only be awash with mud, but also glittering diamant.

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