Looking For The Perfect Bird Watching Gift? Try These!

by William Scott

Bird watching is becoming a very popular hobby, and is fun for people of all ages. There is nothing better than buying a bird watcher a great gift that is related to his or her favorite hobby, since you know that he or she will get use out of what you purchase. There are a wide variety of great bird watching gift ideas available, ranging from great books to amazing gear.

Bird Books

An integral part of any bird watcher's kit is a good bird book. These will always be useful to any bird watcher whether he or she has been identifying birds for years or if he or she is relatively new to the hobby. Good bird watching books are full of helpful hints and pictures to facilitate easy identification of these beautiful creatures. They are also not difficult to find - bird books can be found in most good hobby shops and all good book stores.

Although large bird books contain more information, most bird watchers prefer small, pocket sized bird books. These are easy to use and store, and can thus be taken anywhere. A true bird watching enthusiast will want to have his or her bird watching 'bible' with him or her at all times, in case he or she spots a rare or unusual bird that he or she has not seen before. Smaller bird books only contain the facts that are absolutely necessary for quick and accurate identification. The larger bird books are used for more extensive research that is usually done from the comfort of one's home.

Bird Watching Journals

A bird watching journal is also an excellent gift for any bird watching enthusiast. Bird watching journals contain blank pages on which the bird watcher can make notes of all the memorable species of birds or experiences that he or she encounters during the course of his or her bird watching excursions. A bird watching journal can become a highly personal keepsake for any bird watcher; a memento of all the good times spent enjoying his or her hobby.

They are perfect for recording information about birds that they have not yet identified. The information noted in a bird watching journal can be compared with the information in a bird book so that the bird watcher can put a name to the bird that he or she spotted. A bird watching journal is a great place to keep track of all the birds spotted, fun times had, and experienced shared with close friends or family who also enjoy the hobby.

Binoculars/Binocular Straps

A good set of binoculars is an essential item for any bird watcher. Binoculars allow bird watchers to get a closer view of the bird without startling it. The bird watcher can then examine the finer details of the bird's plumage, color, patterns, and habits without interruption.

It is also very useful to have a strap attached to the binoculars so they can be draped around one's neck for easy access. This also prevents them from going missing as it is easy to put down and leave a pair of binoculars when tracking an interesting bird.

There are various bird watching gifts that are perfect for any bird watching fanatic; gifts that keep on giving! Bird watching books, journals, or binoculars will never go to waste - the bird watcher in your life is sure to use these great gifts for years to come!

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