How To Get The Best Gas Mileage While Driving Your Car

by Mark Roberts

You want to know how to get the best gas mileage while driving your car? While our gasoline prices increase daily some parts of Europe and Great Britain pay twice as much for their petrol. You may not be able to go out and buy that latest 20,000 dollar electric hybrid. You need to make sure that you keep up on your vehicles maintenance and should you notice a noticeable miles per gallon decrease you should schedule your vehicles for an engine tune up or engine diagnostics with your automotive mechanic. Most newer vehicles do not require a tune up until you reach 100,000 miles.

You may not even know when your last tune up was performed if you bought a used car or there are no service records. When you buy used cars from a reputable used car lot you will find that in most cases a tune up has already been performed to that vehicle. Used car dealers do not always do this when servicing a vehicle. When in doubt and you are having some engine difficulties or rough idle or performance has decreased then schedule that appointment.

Peak gas mileage will be consistent on your car or truck when your vehicle is taken in for regularly schedule service and maintenance checks including oil changes. An engine diagnostics check often can discover faulty sensors that may have a negative impact on your gas mileage. A perfect example is a faulty oxygen sensor that is replaced can improve gas mileage up to 40%. It pays to have your car or truck regularly serviced and an engine diagnostics performed if a check engine light comes on or you notice a noticeable decrease in gas mileage.

Regular serviced oil changes every 3000 miles are a great idea even though your vehicles maintenance guide may say 5000 or 7500 miles. Changing dirty oil where viscosity has diminished can improve gas mileage up to 2%. Don't ignore a a dirty air filter changing an air filter can increase gas mileage by 10% and also improve performance and wear. Take extra garbage or items out of your car this extra weight can reduce gas mileage. If you tired of pouring your wallet or purse into your gas tank every time you stop at a gas station and drive a vehicle with a large engine consider downsizing and buy a used car that gets better miles per gallon.

If you have read reviews on cars and buying buying a hybrid is out of the question and you have followed your vehicles service schedule found in your owners manual what else can you do to improve gas mileage? You are probably already using fuel additives or gas mileage charts to reduce miles and you know an electric hybrid is not cost effective. Gas additives can help keep your injectors and engine clean helping with gas mileage. Many fuel savings devices do not work but some do but it is tough to avoid the scams.

One such device that is gaining in notoriety online an in the news is a HHO gas generator. HHO gas can be generated from an HHO cell and mixed with your current gas or diesel just before you intake manifold giving you a noticeable increase in gas mileage. A HHO fuel cell or HHO car kit can be constructed at home from plans with many common items. A HHO cell is small enough to fit under the hood of most cars and trucks and if more than one cell may be needed it is not often and issue it is not uncommon to see 2 to 6 cells. This technology is still considered experimental and is sometimes referred to as hydrogen on demand. HHO gas car kits are helping people just like you improve gas mileage up to 40% and in some cases more. Some people have scoffed at the introduction of HHO or browns gas as a supplement but many forget the vehicles with propane conversion kits that were introduced in the past that still work well. Other benefits are improved performance and emissions and quieter smoother running engine.

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