Honeymoons to exotic and romantic locations

by Jackie Mathews

A honeymoon is one of the best reasons to travel but it has to be a passionate adventure along the lines of something you would read about in a romance novel. A place that rivals even the most pleasant of dreams would be a destination worth considering. So, the first thing that would need to be done is to take the bride and groom and do a quick mental analysis of their likes and dislikes. By this I mean are they active, thrill seekers, underwater enthusiasts, etc.

Huvafen Fushi Maldives might be the perfect place for a honeymoon! Imagine a Five Star Resort, complete with excellent food, romantic accommodations, and a beautiful, exotic location. The Maldives consist of eighty islands, surrounded by blue-green waters and stunning scenery. Everywhere you look; there is something new and exciting to see. Swimming, diving and exploring the clear waters is a great way to spend the time. Tropical fish of all descriptions are just waiting for you to discover them and marvel at their beauty.

Mauritius is another excellent choice for the honeymoon extravaganza. Black River Gorge is world famous and incredibly beautiful. Vast panoramas await the honeymooners as they explore the amazing scenic gardens and unparalleled magic of Mauritius. This has long been a special playground for the rich and famous, as well as the perfect getaway destination for lovers of all ages.

Another ideal location for honeymoons is Zanzibar. Exploring the House of Wonders and wandering through the streets of Stone Town are awe-inspiring experiences, indeed. The sights, sounds and smells of exotic Zanzibar have enthralled visitors for centuries and a couple on their honeymoon will be no exception. The warm African sunshine and temperate climate make this a perfect destination any time of the year. Songs and stories have long been told of the beauty of Zanzibar. The streets are lined with exotic plants that perfume the air and add to the atmosphere and appeal.

Thailand is an exotic honeymoon destination filled with excitement and intriguing elements. For a cultural experience rich in mysterious yet alluring beauty this honeymoon hot spot is a naturally entrancing site. There are superb resorts resting upon white sand beaches and breath taking views. This is the very definition of a romantic honeymoon. For a memorable and idealistic holiday stay at the Khao Lak resort. The pure area of this haven has been untainted and well preserved in its most natural form. The overwhelming magnificence of this place makes an already precious honeymoon more valuable than words can describe.

The Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur has an exotic and exciting atmosphere that is sure to captivate a newly wed couple. Between the culture, the diversity of foods available, the night life and the magnificent scenery, this is one destination you'll never forget. You may even plan a return trip for a second dream honeymoon vacation.

St. Lucia, in the Caribbean has spectacular scenery, warm, tropical nights, fascinating new birds, plants and animals to discover. Almond Beach Resort has all the modern amenities you could want or need. The food and activities are sure to please the honeymooners as much as the exotic beauty of the island itself. You can walk along the beach and imagine the pirate ships of old, gracefully passing by through the gentle waves.

It is true; Bali can release the unbridled love like no other honeymoon destination. With the diving, snorkeling, river rafting and sightseeing this is definitely one of the best locations to go on a honeymoon. The first in a long line of adventures begins here! Enjoy the togetherness that only a tropical paradise like Bali can offer. Water enthusiasts and nature lovers will find it hard not to fall in love all over again amidst the beauty and entrancing atmosphere.

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