Holidays in Kenya with beach and safari options

by Ken Smith

For sheer variety, excitement and thrills, there's no better place for holidays than Kenya. From wildlife to night life, there are attractions to please everyone. Whatever you're seeking you can find it in beautiful, exotic Kenya. Kenya holidays are globally revered as one of the best locations for adventurous activities and remarkable facilities. The climate is quite contrasting. What may seem like a hot and humid day on the beach can quickly become a cool breezy day while on a short drive away from coastal territories.

The long sunny days are perfect to explore and fit in all of the outdoor activities that Kenya has to offer. Rarely is it too extreme on either side of the hot and cold spectrum. July and August are the coolest months, and the rain schedules are fairly predictable. The shorter rains occur in the fall and the longer, more plentiful rains come between March and June. The magnificent Indian Ocean is incredible to feast your eyes upon at any time of the day although the sunrises and sunsets are unforgettable.

The beaches on the mainland are not the only places to enjoy fun in the sun and the wealth of water activities. Several small islands are perched out in the cool clear blue waters of Kenya just waiting for you to set foot on their sandy beaches. From the Lamu Island, Funzi, Chale and even Kilifi to Manda Island, there are an array of hot spots and blissful paradise retreats.

The Leopard and the Diani Reef are the most wonderful child friendly resorts! Perfect for the whole family, they will treat you well and make your holiday everything you could hope for. Whether you are interested in snorkeling in the clear blue waters or playing golf through breathtaking scenery, or riding horseback along the beaches, you'll find it right here. There are organized activities even for the youngest guests. The Flamingo Beach, The Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel and Southern Palms hotels are spectacular for couples and adults. If overwhelming beauty, tropical gardens and first class service is what you desire, they can present it to you. No matter what you are looking for on your Kenya holidays these excellent places are sure to fit the bill.

Enjoy the night life, luxurious quarters and the authentic ambiance of these fine Kenya facilities. Going to Kenya without enjoying the delights of a safari would be unthinkable! Whether alone or with a whole family, going on safari is something that will live forever in your memories. Have your cameras ready and get once in a lifetime photos of wild animals in their natural habitat as you drive along in safety. Whether you choose a brief one night trip or the full six exciting days, a Kenya safari is like nothing else you'll ever experience! Imagine the incredible images your camera will be able to capture! Imagine the memories that you can store up to share with those not lucky enough to have enjoyed such an amazing holiday.

Imagine the educational impact that a Kenyan safari can have on your children and their education! Kenya shillings and Banknotes are the currency and are widely used. But, there are some rules such as you should leave with the same amount of foreign money as you came into the country with. However, the Central Bank of Kenya can help with any currency issues you might have.

There are so many things to see and do in Kenya when you're out and about on holidays. The most popular is seeing Kenya by way of small aircraft or safaris. But if you and your party are more drawn to the crystal waters of in Indian Ocean then water sports are perfect. Take advantage of snorkeling, boating, diving, and traveling from island to island. There are also 39 golf courses for the avid golfers located on breathtaking terrain. Other sport complexes can be found throughout Kenya as well as horseback riding for those athletic guests that love to get out and take advantage of the area, its striking charms and extraordinary views.

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