Get a Reservation: Explore Alaska and Canada

by Jerry Blackburn

Alaska and Canada consists of some of the best the North American continent has to offer in wintry wonders and naturally exquisite landscapes. And these quite expansive regions offer traveling thrill seekers numerous adventure travel opportunities that include rigorous physical activities. There are sights galore in the Alaskan state and the Canadian country as well as on the border between them.

The wide swath of land that comprises Alaska and Canada supplies the picturesque Canadian Rockies on the West Coast of Canada. Cycling, rafting and horseback riding are all popular activities to do in this mountainous region. My family thoroughly enjoyed our trip there from our villa in La Manga. And of the 41 national parks in Canada, Banff offers exciting hot springs while majestic waterfalls can be found in Yoho. The National parks in this area are varied because of Canada's close proximity to Alaska.

Alaska offers Glacier Bay National Park, which rivals the parks in Canada. The wildlife and stark wilderness of Canada gives way to the awe-inspiring beauty of water, ice and snow. Scenes exist everywhere of several yards-thick sheets of ice with bears meandering on them. Kayaking is also is surprisingly possible on the unfrozen waters in this region. And Denali National Park is not lacking of attractions as it contains Mt. McKinley, the highest peak on the continent. Climbing is an option, but if that is not appealing to some, then another incredible sight is nearby on the Alaskan Canadian border.

Tongass National Forest, the biggest national forest in America, is interestingly the residence of at least 75,000 people. So an intriguing vacation in the area would have to include meeting the natives and inquiring about their life in the region. Seemingly going on forever, the Tongass National Forest has a distance of about five hundred miles along near border between Canada and Alaska. The valleys, glaciers and streams in the area make it a landscape of fantasy that would provide any vacationer with an escape from the daily mental and physically grind of work.

Reservations are a good idea to ensure that there is space for a traveler one she/he and their family make it to either Alaska or Canada. Traveling by bike, airplane Or rail are all viable options. It is just important to get in touch with a tour operator a great deal of time before a planned trip is expected to begin. Activities such as forest expeditions and skiing have to be planned ahead of time.

Despite the cold- or better yet- due to it there are spectacular views and activities to be enjoyed in Alaska and Canada and along the border between the two. Colossal, blue-white glaciers, heaven reaching mountain peaks, and mysterious and stunning wilderness provide the best hiking, water rafting, fishing and sightseeing anywhere. And the regulated national parks can provide a safe outing the same as guided expeditions into the heart of the icy, roving sheet-covered Alaska and the stark, pristine nature of Canada. Those wanting to get a vigorous heart-pumping time away from the humdrum of work is more than likely going to get it amid the wild bears and wild salmon in the Alaska and Canada region.

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