Advice on Ski Holidays in Austria

by Steve Woodward

When looking at what types of ski holidays in Austria to go for, as you will soon discover there are plenty to choose from depending on what level of skiing you are at. Today, as you will soon find out that there are plenty of ski travel companies offering packages, which are designed for those who are only just learning to ski.

The owner who you book with will have personal experience of skiing is their area and will be able to give you details of which local companies you can use to book ski lessons with. Along with providing you with the equipment, including boots and skis they also ensure that they provide good quality instruction and the passes you will need to gain access to the slopes.

Most of the companies that offer such lessons also make sure that they are situated at resorts where the slopes are perfect when just starting out. Along with Austria there are plenty of other places around Europe that offer good quality skiing facilities, include France, Italy, Andorra, Bulgaria and Switzerland.

When it comes to learning to ski for the first time the best time of year to visit such resorts is between January and March (low season). At this time of year, the slopes will be far less crowded so you will have more space to actually work on your skiing techniques. Plus your instructors will actually be able to dedicate more time to teaching you these as well.

The biggest benefit that you as a learner skier can gain from selecting to visit such resorts during the low season is the amount of money you will save on your holiday. Certainly, preferring to visit during January and March is far less expensive than it would be from October through to December.

When it comes to which resort one should be selecting for where to take your first skiing or snowboarding holiday then the following should be kept in mind. Firstly, look for those resorts which have a good ski school and also that do not charge too much for the lift passes.

Also, these resorts should have well prepared nursery slopes along with much longer easier runs that you can progress to during your stay. If you can look for those that, have several blue runs, as these are the kinds of resorts, which are ideally suited for those first time or inexperienced skier.

As you will soon discover when it comes to ski holidays in Austria and you wanting to learn the sport there are plenty of resorts to choose from. Along with Ellmau, Seefeld, Soll, Mayrhofen there is Kitzbuhel as well and all of which provide the right kinds of facilities for first time skiers. But by keeping in mind, the above factors you should be able to find the perfect skiing holiday for you.

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