Small RVs for a Great RVing Experience!

Owning and using a small rv is more popular than ever -- and for a good reason.  There has never been a better selection of small recreational vehicles to choose from than the current crop of RVs. Small RVs allow you to go almost anywhere -- from the smallest class B that drives like an SUV, to the largest Class C small RV that has most of the features of the big Class A RVs. There is an RV to meet almost any lifestyle and budget.

The first decision when you are thinking about buying an RV is whether to get a motorized RV or a towable RV.

Choosing A Motorized RV.

There are several options to choose from when picking out an RV or motorhome. Motorized RVs come in three main selections: class A, class B, and class C.  It is important to decide which class of RV will best suit your needs before making a purchase.

Class A

Class A motorhomes are typically the most expensive RVs and are usually not in the class of a small rv. They have a long, bus-like frame and come with about every home feature imaginable. They are built right onto a truck chassis and are usually between thirty and fifty feet long. A lot of today's Class A RVs have slide-outs, which make the units a lot wider with just pressing a button. You can get options such as washers and dryers, hot tubs, and flat screen TVs. They can make any camping trip a luxurious one. Many owners of Class A RVs choose to tow a car behind the motorhome so that when they get to their destination, they can hook up their RVs, and take off to enjoy the sights their destination has to offer in the privacy of their own (towed) cars.

small rvClass B

Class B RVs are much like a camper van. They are less expensive then the class A models, but also have less features. While the class A models feature four of the following features, class B models only have two: kitchen and toilet facilities, city water hook up, sleeping, freshwater storage, 100-volt hookup, and top extension. A Class B RV would be perfect for an overnight camping trip. The really great thing about the Class B RV is that it can be used to toot around your destination.  The Class B is not as wide as the other classes of RVs, so it is easy to park and drive through cities.  Some of the Class Bs have dropped floors, and others have raised roofs, which make standing and walking a comfort.

vw-ext.jpgClass C

Class C models are very similar to class A motorhomes. The difference between the two is that class A motorhomes are built on the same motorized chassis. Class C RVs have a separate living compartment from the cab section. They are like mini, less expensive motorhomes. Although not as expensive as the Class A models, the Class C RVs have all four of the main requirements for making a journey in comfort and style: sleeping areas, living areas that include dining facilities, full bathroom amenities, and also kitchens that make meal preparations a breeze. A lot of the Class Cs have slide-outs, which are areas that can extend to make the living space even larger than it is.  And, the slide-outs are as easy as pushing a light switch!

Choosing a Towable Small RV

As with the motorized RVs, there are several options when picking the towable RVs.  The towable RVs are those that are towed by a motorized vehicle. Towable RVs come in four selections: the Fifth Wheel, the Truck Camper, the Pop Up, and the Travel Trailer.

The Fifth Wheel Small RV

The Fifth Wheel RV is attached on top of a truck with a fifth wheel hitch.  Because it is attached to the truck rather than pulled by it, it is easier to maneuver than an RV trailer that is simply pulled by a towing hitch.  These RVs provide a lot of space and amenities for a lower price than a motorized RV. Once you hook them up at your destination, they quickly become your home away from home.  Most of the new models include at least one slide-out, which adds extra living space to living areas. You will have a difficult time deciding what area of your home on wheels you want the slide-out to make larger.  Will it be your living room, bedroom, or perhaps even your kitchen?

The Travel Trailer Small RV

The Travel Trailer RV is able to be pulled by a van, truck, SUV, or even your car, since it doesn't necessitate a special wheel hitch that is permanently embedded in the back of a truck (like the Fifth Wheel has.) Imagine reaching your destination and simply unhooking your travel trailer, and taking off to enjoy your vacation in the same vehicle you pulled your "home" with! There are so many floor plans available, and many include those wonderful slide-outs!

Pop Up Trailer

The Pop Up trailer is also called Folding Camper Trailer and Tent Trailer.  The Pop Up has walls that are collapsible. Some say that they are the closest to camping outdoors, and that the Pop Up Trailer provide areas to sleep, eat, and play inside when the weather is wet and dreary.

Truck Camper

This is a unit that goes directly on the bed of a truck. They are sometimes called Pick Up Campers.  Companies that specialize in making Truck Campers are adding more options for prospective buyers to pick from. Its hard to believe that you can now include a shower in a truck camper, but that is just one of the many features that are now available.

When choosing RVs or motorhomes, it is important to choose one that fits your usage. An RV is only worth what you get out of it. A small RV and motorhome provide comfort tailored to your individual needs.

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